For theProject Danube Safety Net

Project “Improvement of the Transport Safety in the Common Bulgarian-Romanian Stretch of the Danube River through Development of the Emergency Response by Cross-Border Cooperation”

Project Danube Safety Net / ROBG-522

The Danube Safety Net project was approved for financing within the Third Call for project proposals of the INTERREG V-A Romania – Bulgaria 2014 - 2020 Programme. The project contributes to Priority Axis 1 “A well connected region”, Specific Objective 1.2: “Increase transport safety on waterways and maritime transport routes” of the Programme, and is classified as “Hard” project.

General information for the Danube Safety Net Project


49 months







Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” (EAMA)

Lead Partner

Romanian Naval Authority (RNA)


Overall Project Budget

5,699,612.87 euro

Contribution from the European Regional Development Fund (85%)

4,844,670.93 euro

Establishment of Emergency Response Centers (ERC) in Romania (Turnu Magurele) and Bulgaria (Ruse and Lom);

Supply and integration of a common Geographical Information System for Emergency Response;

Supply of two specialized non-self-propelled crafts (barges) carrying emergency response equipment, which will be situated in the ports of Ruse and Lom for the Executive Agency “Maritime Administration”;

upply of multipurpose self propelled crafts which will be capable to reach high speed and will carry first aid equipment for the Romanian Naval Authority;

The developed common action plan will be officially approved by the partners and will be executed when dealing with routine and extreme situations on the whole length of the common stretch of the river.

The expected outputs of the project are:

More coordinated actions of the two institutions;

Developed IT supporting tool for information sharing and coordination which will further improve the communication and synchronization of emergency response activities on the Danube;

Improved capacity of the rescue teams, reduced time for reaction in calamity events and more adequate and up to date equipment for more efficient rescue missions on the Danube river.


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