Romanian Naval Authority

Romanian Naval Authority (RNA)

is the specialized executive agency subordinated to the Ministry of Transport, playing the role of state authority with the purpose of ensuring safety of navigation.

Romanian Naval Authority is a self-financing institution, with legal personality, located in Constanta Port Enclosure, established by merging the Civil Navigation Inspectorate and the Romanian Register of Shipping. As a result of the merger, RNA took over the rights and obligations of both corporate bodies, which consequently were dissolved.

Romanian Naval Authority exerts its tasks through its own headquarters office, through the harbor master’s offices and technical inspectorates – as operative subsidiaries without legal personality.

The management of the Romanian Naval Authority is ensured by the Managing Board, consisting of 11 members and leaded by a President, whom is also the RNA’s General Director.

Main tasks of the
Romanian Naval Authority have been defined as follows:

inspection, control and surveillance of navigation in Romanian maritime waters and inland waterways;

fulfilment of the obligations assumed from the international agreements and conventions to which Romania is a part;

implementation of international rules, regulations and conventions into Romanian legislation;

competences in Port State Control and Flag State Control activities;

coordination of search and rescue activities in the Romanian navigable waters and the actions to be taken in case of navigation accidents and casualties;

protection of navigable waters against pollution of vessels;

investigation of naval accidents and casualties;

ships’ registration;

registration, endorsing and certification of Romanian seafarers;

technical surveillance and certification of maritime and inland vessels, of offshore drilling units flying the Romanian flag and of naval equipment, in accordance with RNA’s regulations;

compliance with the provisions of the ISM Code and ISPS Code.

Main mission of the Romanian Naval Authority

The main mission of the Romanian Naval Authority policy is continuous improvement of the quality of services, in accordance with the national and international requirements in the field of merchant navigation and ports operation, in order to promote and develop the highest standards on ships, crews and passengers' safety, as well as environment protection against pollution. Our motto ``Safety through Quality`` illustrates RNA's vision to become a leader in safety and security of naval transports, through high level of quality of the provided services and professionalism of its staff.


Romanian Naval Authority


Address: 900900, Incintă Port Constanța​
1​, Clădire ANR, Constanța, Romania


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