Danube Safety Net Kick-Off Meeting

гр. Гюргево

Danube Safety Net Kick-Off Meeting

гр. Гюргево

Оn the 24th of October 2018 in Giurgiu, Romania Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” and the Romanian Naval Authority held a Kick-off Meeting for Project “Improvement of the Transport Safety in the Common Bulgarian-Romanian Stretch of the Danube River through Development of the Emergency Response by Cross-Border Cooperation” – Danube Safety Net Project, e-MS code: ROBG-522.

During the event, the project objectives and the upcoming specific activities in the project implementation were introduced to the Partners. The two teams discussed the administrative and financial implementation and defined concrete tasks for the achievement of the expected results.

In line with the signed between the two administrations Partnership Agreement for the Danube Safety Net Project, a Joint Steering Committee was established. The purpose of the Committee is to monitor the progress of the project and to solve problems encountered in the process of project implementation.


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